Interview: Graham Storrs (IN SITU)

Name: Graham Storrs

Age: 55

Author of: “Salvage”

Current Geographic Location: Queensland, Australia

Original Hometown: Hull, Yorkshire, UK

Twitter: @graywave


Recent publications: My first novel, TimeSplash was published last year. It is a technological thriller, set in the near future, featuring a time-travelling terrorist and an emotionally damaged young woman who may be the only person who can stop him.

Do you think alien life exists in the Universe? Of course, have you never met a teenager? Seriously… Yes, without a doubt. It’s a big Universe, and it would be egocentric – and statistically naïve – to think our little planet was the only place this happened.

If you could travel off Earth, would you? What if it meant you could never come back? If I couldn’t come back, I wouldn’t go. I have too much here that I wouldn’t want to lose. But I would be tempted. Oh boy would I be tempted!

What inspired your story? I often think about distant futures, where everything we take for granted in our everyday lives has become almost incomprehensible to the archaeologists who might stumble on it. I wanted to push this to the limit, to a time so far ahead that the Earth itself had been forgotten. It would be nice to think the lives we led could still inspire those far off people we might evolve into.

What music or movies helped you to write this story? Music and movies don’t usually inspire what I write. Mostly what inspires me is science and technology – and other science fiction writers. When I thought about the far distant future in this story, I envisaged a post-singularity Galaxy that had grown rather dull and comfortable. I think, as a species, we would go along with comfortable if it was offered. But I’d hope there would always be just a few malcontents.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? I’ve probably rewritten this story four times since it was “finished”. Some parts had more attention than others – like the beginning and the end. But the rewrites were all about style and “flow”. I was very lucky in that I liked the characters of the two brothers from the start and didn’t need to change them at all.

What is your favorite bit?

“It would be a long time before he could get a ship and a crew together to go to Andromeda. Plenty of time for him and Ven to work things out and grow easy with the idea that they’d just said goodbye.”

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