Interview: Cate Gardner (FISH)

Name: Cate Gardner

Age: Somewhere between birth and death

Author of: “Too Delicate for Human Form”

Current Geographic Location: Liverpool, England

Twitter: @categardner


Recent publications: “The Binding of Memories” published February 2013 in Shimmer, “Yellow Bird Strings” published 2012 in A Season in Carcosa, and “The Mechanical Heart of Him” published 2012 in Daily Science Fiction.

Which zodiac sign where you born under? Gemini. It suits.

If a magic fish granted you one wish, what would it be? That I could fly. Although, I’d need to request information on how to land because, like parking a car, I suspect I’d fail.

What inspired your story? A photograph of a key on a chain and wondering what it would open. And loneliness (exploring not actual).

Did you listen to music while writing it? No. I listen to it when coming up with ideas, but not while writing. I have songs that inspire most stories but I play them before I start writing for the day and sometimes at the end of the day but never in-between.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? According to my writing diary, I did two rewrites and then edited.

What is your favorite bit?

To the coroner, the fish were a suicide note. To Jenny, they were family.

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Official Table of Contents for FISH

Table of Contents, FISH (due out February 8, 2012)

  1. Alexa, Camille “The Skin of Her Skin”
  2. Bennardo, Matthew “The Fish-Wife’s Tale”
  3. Blake, Polenth “Thwarting the Fiends”
  4. Darrach, Shay “I Know a Secret”
  5. Davis, Amanda C. “O How the Wet Folk Sing”
  6. Dixon, Paul A. “One Let Go”
  7. Duyvis, Corinne “The Applause of Others”
  8. Englehardt, Megan “Anansi and the New Thing”
  9. Fleming, Sam “What the Water Gave Her”
  10. Fuller, Andrew “A Salmon Tale, 2072”
  11. Fullerton, H.L. “The Fish Are There On Land”
  12. Gardner, Cate “Too Delicate for Human Form”
  13. George, Zachary “You, Fish”
  14. Hendrix, Sarah “Never to Return”
  15. Kane, Tim “Vanity Mirror”
  16. Kneeland, Andrea “Becoming Human”
  17. Kwak, Jessie “Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”
  18. L’Orange, April “Quick Karma”
  19. Lalumière, Claude “Xandra’s Brine”
  20. Liu, Ken “How Do You Know If a Fish Is Happy?”
  21. McBride, Tracie “The Touch of Taniwha”
  22. McIntyre, T.J. “How Did the Catfish Get a Flat Head, You Wonder?”
  23. Nakayama, Timothy “Fallen Dragon”
  24. Obedoza, Mel “The Fisherman and Golden Fish”
  25. Palmer, Suzanne “Lanternfish In the Overworld”
  26. Povey, Jennifer R. “Water Demons”
  27. Rambo, Cat “The Fisher Queen”
  28. Romasco-Moore, Maria “Fisheye”
  29. Ruby, Jacob “The Talking Fish of Shangri-La”
  30. Shvartsman, Alex “Life at the Lake’s Shore”
  31. Spencer, A. D. “Fish Tears”
  32. Wood, Mjke “The Last Fisherman of Habitat 37”
  33. Zup, Andreea “Maria and the Fish”

Please note the Table of Contents is currently listed alphabetically by author’s last name, and does not reflect the final order of stories.