Going to Readercon? So are we!

Readercon is an annual conference or convention devoted to “imaginative literature” — literary science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the unclassifiable works often called “slipstream.” – Readercon.org

Readercon 23 will take place in Burlington, MA, from July 12 to July 15, 2012. Guests of honor are Peter Straub & Caitlín R. Kiernan, and while the hotel is booked, memberships are still available at the door (and there are other hotels nearby).

Last year publisher Carrie Cuinn and editor Don Pizarro went and had a great time; this year they’re headed back and will be joined by Dagan Books reader Andrew M. Kelly, plus contributors Ken Liu, Bear Weiter, Steven J. Scearce, Michael J. DeLuca, A.C. Wise, Todd T. Castillo, Andrew S. Fuller, and more.

We’re especially pleased to announce this event scheduled for Friday July 13:

7:00 PM VT Reading. Michael J. DeLuca. Michael J. DeLuca reads “Other Palimpsests,” forthcoming in the anthology Bibliotheca Fantastica from Dagan Books, edited by Don Pizarro.

Want to meet us? Let us know that you’ll be there and we’ll find a time to say “hi” between panels or in that favorite spot of con goers – the hotel bar.

See the rest of the program here: http://www.readercon.org/program.htm

Readercon Link Roundup

Recently some of our staff attended Readercon 22, just outside of Boston, MA. Publisher Carrie Cuinn and editor Don Pizarro wrote up some thoughts on the event on their own websites, which you can find below:

From Carrie:

Readercon, The Loot Edition (or, what happens in the dealers room has to find space in your luggage)
Readercon 2011 Recap: Thursday / Friday
Readercon 2011 Recap: Saturday / Sunday (and we’re done)

and So You Want to Write an Author Blurb? Readercon Edition, With Advice from Ken Liu and Don Pizarro

From Don we have deeper thoughts about individual panels:

ReaderCon Shout-Outs, an intro of sorts
“He held the Beast of the Apocalypse by its tail, the stupid kid!”, a look at Mike Allen’s “Speculative Poetry Workshop.
“Sooner or later, it comes down to you and the paper.” a write-up on the “What Writing Workshops Do and Don’t Offer” panel
Know Your Limit, the  “Writing Within Constraints” panel
Foreign Deviltry, about the “Complicating Colonial Encounters” panel
Feeling Very Fuzzy, the “Surrealism and Strong Emotion” and “Feeling Very Post-Slipstream” panels
“I am dressed as the woman of the opposite sex”, about the “Daughters of the Female Man” panel

and A Day Late and A Dollar Short, a wrap-up, or something like it.

Overall, it was a wonderful convention, and one we’re planning to have a bigger presence at next year.

DragonCon 2011

Are you going to be at DragonCon 2011? Do you have a burning desire to meet, impress, and buy drinks for one of our editors? Don Pizarro, author and editor, will be there! Email him at dpizarro@daganbooks.com, or follow him on Twitter.