Cover Art: IN SITU

We are pleased to present the cover for our second title, IN SITU:

(click to embiggen)

The cover was created by Oliver Wetter, who also did the cover art for Cthulhurotica!

Oliver designed this custom image from “You’ll Always Have The Burden With You“, by Ken Liu, which appears in the book. Ken was kind enough to work with the artist on design elements so we could have a cover which captures unique details from his story while still retaining the classic sci-fi look we were going for.

Thanks again, Ken and Oliver!

Announcement: IN SITU Table of Contents

The list of the contributors (shown here in alphabetical order) is not 100% complete as we expect to add one or two more surprises before the book is released, but we’re so pleased to announce the Table of Contents for IN SITU:

Jason Andrew, “Recovery”

Greg Burch, “The Assemblage of the Aeolian”

Carrie Cuinn, Editor, “Afterword”

Paul A. Dixon, “Requiem”

Mae Empson, “Vessels of Clay, Flesh, and Stars”

Sarah Hendrix, “Rachel’s Journal”

R.S. Hunter, “Jewel of Tahn-Vinh”

Ken Liu, “You’ll Always Have The Burden With You”

Rebecca Lloyd, “The Stone”

Bear Weiter, “Seeds”

Alex Shvartsman, “The Field Trip”

Kelly C. Stiles, “Relevant Information From The Tel Najmah Site”

Graham Storrs, “Salvage”

K. V. Taylor, “Chennai 5”

Dawn Vogel, “Donning the Helm”

David J. West, “The Dig”

Cover art by Oliver Wetter

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Because we’re not open to unsolicited manuscripts at this time, you may be wondering how to get into the pages of a Dagan Books project.

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Cthulhurotica: Cover Art

We are thrilled to announce that the cover art for our upcoming anthology, Cthulhurotica, has been created by Oliver ‘Fantasio’ Wetter. Wetter is freelance illustrator specializing in cover artworks for editorials, book cover, and magazines. His recent work has appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine, Exposé, Advanced Creation (french Advanced Photoshop Magazine), Inside Artzine, and many more.