Introducting Gillian Bradford, Editorial Assistant

I’m so pleased to announce that a long-time collaborator and colleague of mine is joining our staff.  I first met Gillian Bradford when we were both at school together in Sacramento, CA, long before I moved East and founded Dagan Books. She ultimately moved even farther East than me, settling in Ireland to pursue her educational goals. I’m so lucky to have her huge background in literature influencing us, and her keen editorial eye checking our work. More about Gillian:

Born in Sacramento Ca. to a family of academics and teachers, Gillian Bradford has been an avid reader since her older brother taught her to read as he was learning. Since then she has received a BA in English from University of California at Berkeley and an MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama from University College of Dublin, focusing more on the drama aspect than the literature. While she originally had plans to go into the family business of teaching, her time in academia quickly made her realize her true passion was editing and promoting writers, both old favorites and new discoveries, to people who may not have been inclined to read them. So she left her dreams of tenure at a university behind to enter the world of publishing.

While the movers and shakers of the Irish Revival, especially Yeats, Shaw, Wilde and O’Casey, hold a special place in her heart, her taste in literature is wide and varied. Pratchett, Didion, Austen, Camus, Bradbury, Alcott, and Steinbeck are among the writers found on her bookcase. Recently however, she has discovered the Mitford sisters and 1930’s British social satire and is constantly in search of new literature, for fiction and non-fiction, which critiques society and its foibles.

– Carrie Cuinn, Publisher

DragonCon 2011

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