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OUR BEST DEAL: Every ebook we’ve published so far (CthulhuroticaBibliotheca Fantastica, Fish, in Situ, and Inedible Sins) for only $8.98. ePub or mobi

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Cthulhurotica, an anthology of seductive and scary horror tales inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Edited by Carrie Cuinn, published December 21, 2010. The revised edition contains more than 20 original works of art. Read more about our contributors here.

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Bibliotheca Fantastica: twenty new fabulous tales of bibliophilic wonder, enchantment, terror, romance, mystery, and adventure… Edited by Don Pizarro with a cover by Hugo award-winning artist Galen Dara; contains stories by Ray Vukcevich, Michael J. DeLuca, Tina Connolly, A.C. Wise, S.J. Hirons and more. Read more about our contributors here.

Buy it now FOR $1.99 EACH! ePub here, mobi here, or PDF here. Or you can buy a bundle of Bibliotheca Fantastica in all three digital formats, for only $4.99 (here)

FISH, edited by Carrie Cuinn & KV Taylor; Cover by Galen Dara.

Science fiction and fantasy. Retold fairy tales and brand new myth. 33 original stories by some of today’s best new writers, exploring a theme which is both simple, and impossible to understand, all at once. This anthology of slippery, flashy, delicate, dangerous, and beautiful tales features work by Camille Alexa, M. Bennardo, Corinne Duyvis, Cate Gardner, Sam Fleming, Andrew S. Fuller, Claude Lalumière, Ken Liu, Cat Rambo, Alex Shvartsman, and many more.

What secrets belong only to a fish? Dive in and find out. Read more about our contributors here.

Buy it now: ePub (buy here) or mobi (buy here), only $1.99

IN SITU, an anthology of science fiction tales about alien excavations, weird archeology, and the unearthing of mysteries. Edited by Carrie Cuinn, includes stories from Ken Liu, Paul A. Dixon, K. V. Taylor, Rebecca Lloyd, Bear Weiter, Mae Empson, and more.

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Spring 2013 novella: “Inedible Sins” by KV Taylor

Set in Washington, DC, just before the civil war, “Inedible Sins” follows a seminary drop-out named Sebastian Jones as he navigates the intricacies of friendship, sex, love, morality, and the social circle to which he aspires. Taylor’s been discussing the tale over on her blog, where she has a page set up for it. Read excerpts from the story, and her thoughts on the city and her characters. (The novella is just over 30,000 words long.)

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For Your Consideration: Our 2013 Award-Eligible Contributors List

We published two books in 2013: Fish (edited by Carrie Cuinn and KV Taylor) and Bibliotheca Fantastica (edited by Don Pizarro). We also published a novella, Inedible Sins, and launched the first issue of our new speculative fiction magazine, Lakeside Circus.

Of course, we have to mention that both of our anthology covers for 2013 were drawn by the amazing Galen Dara, who should certainly be nominated for all of the awards this year.

BF FINAL cover_v2_full cover_sm

fish cover_FINAL sm

In addition, the authors we’ve published are eligible for various awards either for the stories we presented to you or for other work. We posted a PDF reading copy of Colleen Anderson’s “The Book With No End” here, since she’s on the Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot in the “Superior Achievement in Short Fiction” category. But there are more!

Polenth Blake, whose story “Thwarting the Fiends” was a favorite from Fish, also has a novelette out: “By Means of Clockwork Selection”. For more details, go here.

Nathan Crowder’s story “Cold Comfort of Silver Lake” is in Blood Rites: an Introduction to Horror, on the preliminary Stoker ballot for anthologies. Crowder can also be found in Cthulhurotica (2011).

Sam Fleming, who wrote the excellent “What the Water Gave Her” for Fish, also wrote “When Shepherds Dream of Electric Sheep” for the Looking Landwards anthology by NewCon Press. Find out more about Fleming here.

Gabrielle Harboway, who appeared in Cthulhurotica, is Nebula-eligible for “Blood Magic,” published in Witches, Stitches & Bitches from Evil Girlfriend Media. The story is online for free in the SFWA short story forum, for the consideration of SFWA members. Read more about her work here.

Ken Liu, who wrote “How Do You Know if a Fish is Happy?” for Fish and ” ” for IN SITU (2012), shares his favorite publications of 2013 and a list of his eligible stories here.

Please also see our list of award-eligible authors from Lakeside Circus, here. is giving away signed copies of BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA & we’re celebrating with a sale!

A book about books, full of enchanting, terrifying, and magical tales: sounds like the perfect gift for All Hallow’s Read! We have three copies of Bibliotheca Fantastica, edited by Don Pizarro and available now from Dagan Books, and one of them could be yours.

With 20 stories from writers like Tina Connolly, A.C. Wise, and Michael J. DeLuca, and a cover by Hugo Award-winning artist Galen Dara, this anthology is a lovely addition to any bibliophile’s bookshelf.

Comment in the post to enter!

And to celebrate, we’re putting our Amazon stock on sale:

Bibliotheca Fantastica is now $12.99 – but Amazon has it marked down further, to $11.69 (and it’s Prime eligible).

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Cthulhurotica, also $12.99 from now on, is currently only $11.55! (And also has FREE two-day shipping for Prime customers.)

Bibliotheca Fantastica, now in print! (and on sale)

You can now order print copies of Bibliotheca Fantastica via Amazon, for $13.99. This is a 5″x8″ trade paperback, 314 pages.

Best of all, the book is currently on sale for only $13.29! The Kindle version, via Amazon, is $4.99.

You can also buy the book directly from us, in a variety of formats:

Buy the epub file here, mobi–which also works on your Kindle–here, or PDF here, for only $4.99 each–instant downloads! Always DRM-free.

Or you can buy a bundle of Bibliotheca Fantastica in all three digital formats, for only $6.99 (here)

Haven’t read FISH yet? Buy FISH and Bibliotheca Fantastica in a bundle together for $8.98–$1 less than the cost of buying them separately.  Epub or mobi.

If you’re new to Dagan Books, you can also get an ebook bundle of our first three anthologies: FISHIN SITU, and Cthulhurotica. Only $8.98–basically, you’re buying the first two and getting the third for free! Epub or mobi.

Our Art Director, Galen Dara, is nominated for a Hugo Award!

This year’s Hugo Award nominations have been announced, and Galen Dara – who not only volunteers as our Art Director but whose work has graced Cthulhurotica, FISH, and Bibliotheca Fantastica – is up for Best Fan Artist! This is, in part, because of the work that she has done for us at Dagan Books, and we are so very proud.

click on the image for a larger version

click on the image for a larger version

Galen first drew for Cthulhurotica in 2010, creating black-and-white images to fit with our stories. She came back in 2011 to do color versions (see above) and in 2012 she drew new art for our revised edition:

Galen Dara's illustration for “Le Ciél Ouvert”

click for a larger version

When KV Taylor and I put together FISH in 2012, we knew exactly who we wanted to create our cover. Galen worked with us on a couple of designs before we all decided we wanted something personal, something truly special. Galen immortalized my mother in an amazing piece of art that looks as good as a book cover as it does hanging on a wall:

FISH by Galen Dara

click for a larger version

She also created five original pieces of interior art, lending her bold, energetic style to the pages of FISH, just as she did for Cthulhurotica.

For the cover of our next anthology, Bibliotheca Fantastica, editor Don Pizarro asked us to use Galen again. After discussing what he wanted, Galen and I talked through the elements we wanted to capture: a woman, books, the magic of learning, the beauty of science & math … and look what she came up with:

Bibliotheca Fantastica, by Galen Dara

click for a larger version

In addition to working with us, Galen has created amazing images for the covers of Lightspeed and Fireside magazines, as well as others. See her online portfolio here.

Through the years, we’ve come to rely on Galen as a consummate professional who not only listens to our needs but creates gorgeous artwork that combines what we want with her own special vision. Though the publishing industry is often slow to move forward, suffers from delays, and – as a small, independent company – we can’t afford to pay her what we know she’s worth, Galen has always answered emails and questions, been open to suggestions, and turned her work in on time. We will continue to buy her art for our future projects, and consider ourselves very lucky.

We love Galen, as a person and as an artist. She came into our lives when Dagan Books was just beginning, on our very first project, and she has worked tirelessly to make sure that we are making beautiful books. We could never thank her enough.

If you like her work, or you want to support Dagan Books by supporting the artist who’s helped shape our style, please vote for her. You need to be a member of LoneStarCon 3 (the 71st WorldCon), but Supporting memberships are only $60 US. That’s a small price to pay for being one of the people who decides which novelists, short story writers, magazines, editors, and artists are recognized as the best our community has to offer. Get your membership here.

Thank you.

– Carrie Cuinn, Publisher

Tentacled Love, Galen Dara, 2011

BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA: Cover and List of Contributors

Stories within stories … twenty new fabulous tales of bibliophilic wonder, enchantment, terror, romance, mystery, and adventure…

BF FINAL cover_v2_front cover_sm

Edited by Don Pizarro; cover by Hugo award-winning artist Galen Dara.

Contributing Authors (in alphabetical order)

Colleen Anderson
Megan Arkenberg
Jesse Bangs
Todd T. Castillo
Tina Connolly
Michael J. DeLuca
Andrew S. Fuller
Lidya S. Gray
S.J. Hirons
Garry Kilworth
Yarrow Paisley
Amber Polo
Ursula Pflug
Gord Sellar
Trevor Shikaze
Michael Skeet
David Sklar
Ray Vukcevich
George S. Walker
A.C. Wise

We are so pleased to be able to show off another beautiful cover, designed and illustrated by our Art Director, Galen Dara. Be sure to click on the cover image to see a larger version!

Our First Novel Acquisition! Dark Depths by Wendy N. Wagner, 2012

We are so very happy to announce that Dagan Books will be publishing its first novel next year. DARK DEPTHS is a fantasy novel by Wendy N. Wagner, and will be heavily illustrated by Galen Dara. More news, interviews, and sneak peaks will be unveiled as we get closer to the release date.

About Wendy N. Wagner:

Ms. Wagner’s poetry and short fiction has appeared in Abyss & ApexBeneath Ceaseless SkiesCrossed Genres, and the anthologies Rigor AmortisThe Way of the Wizard, and The Beast Within 2. She is the Assistant Editor of Fantasy Magazine.

You can learn more about Wendy at Or catch her on Twitter: @wnwagner.