Are You Ready For FISH?

We’re days away from releasing FISH, a genre-bending anthology of delightfully fishy tales.

You can enter to win a signed print copy of FISH now from Goodreads. We’re giving away three copies of the book, and will accept entries from readers in the US, Canada, GB, and Mexico. Submit your name and address by February 15, 2013, for your chance to win (we don’t see that information unless you win).

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FISH by Carrie Cuinn


by Carrie Cuinn

Giveaway ends February 15, 2013.

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While you’re there, add FISH to your “To Read” pile. You can also join the Dagan Books Goodreads group for news about our upcoming releases:

Read 50% of @Cthulhurotica FREE on Goodreads!

The .epub of Cthulhurotica is now available for sale on Goodreads. You can preview the first 50% of the book there, for FREE! (The site uses its own reader, so you don’t need to own a specific device or even download a program in order to read our book).

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You can also add Cthulhurotica to your Goodreads library (and rate/review it) HERE