What I love about being a Publisher

With Cthulhurotica only a few days from going to press, I’ve had a chance to reflect on the process of creating, editing, and publishing an anthology. While working on this collection, I also founded Dagan Books, and have been simultaneously expanding my knowledge of the publishing industry while I learned how to be a better editor.

Neither of which I would have been able to do without the lovely contributors, both artists and writers, who made this anthology possible. Though the editing process can be stressful on both sides, each of the writers responded to my questions and suggestions with an evolving tale which ultimately expressed itself in the best possible way. They were, as a group, engaged and polite throughout the last few months, and I have found a core group of writers I would gladly work with again. The artists, each one, produced work which was exactly what I needed before I was even sure what I was going to need. I thank all of them.

As the publisher, I’m responsible for the decisions. There have been quite a few things that I’ve learned to do a different way in the future, and I’m grateful for what I’ve learned. The number of aspects that fall under my domain are staggering: web design, accounting, working with a printer, a distributor, planning convention attendence, hiring and (sadly) letting people go, putting out open submissions calls, advertising, membership in various guilds and groups, and a lot more. While it might seem like too much, to me it seems like heaven. I love being able to be involved in so many aspects of this business. There is never a day where I feel like I don’t know what’s happening with Dagan Books, and I hope it always feels this way.

A few months ago, Cthulhurotica was an idea. Most people saw it as an excuse for tentacle porn; I saw it as something much more – an opportunity to expand on Lovecraft’s Mythos, a fictional universe I love so much, and also as an opportunity to kick off the publishing company I’ve always dreamed of having. I believe I’ve done both.

If you don’t like the book, or wish something had been done differently, talk to me. Ultimately I’m responsible for any failures in Cthulhurotica, or any Dagan Books title. If you loved the book, and I think you will, thank the writers and artists, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. Their vision is what you’ll see in the pages of Cthulhurotica – I only helped it along a little bit. I love that they’ve allowed me to do just that.

– Carrie Cuinn, Publisher

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