Neon, A Literary Magazine, Reviews BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA

Says reviewer Christopher Frost:

I was initially sceptical of Bibliotheca Fantastica, the recent anthology of short stories published by Dagan Books. The collection is, to put it simply, a book about books. Each of the twenty stories to be found between its covers involves a book, tome, scripture, scroll or tablet of some kind.

Don Pizarro’s introduction does a good job of touching on some of the reasons why books are such a potentially interesting subject – yet it still left me the tiniest bit unconvinced that it would be anything but a dry and interminable read. Thankfully this was not the case. The stories ranged widely, and included some stunningly original takes on the concept of a book.

In fact each story was so wildly unique and intriguing….

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The Qwillery ask BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA authors about the power of books

When we put together the fantasist anthology, Bibliotheca Fantastica, we asked ourselves, “What’s so magical about books, anyway?” David Sklar, Gord Sellar, Michael J. DeLuca, A.C. Wise,  Garry Kilworth, S.J. Hirons, Ray Vukcevich, Tina Connolly, and Andrew S. Fuller, answered that question for us, over at The Qwillery:

Books are time travel. They’re telepathy. They’re the seance, the ansible, the summoning ritual, the oracle, the visionary dream. Reading makes another person’s ideas our own, for better or worse, as different, far away or long ago as that other person might be. The connection isn’t perfect–what magic is? But what’s lost in the translation from one mind to the page and back into another’s leaves room for the creativity that makes the next book possible, and the next. If only we could read them all. – Michael J. DeLuca, author of “Other Palimpsests”

My favorite and most heartbreaking dreams are the ones where I’m in a library or old junk shop and I stumble on a book by a beloved author that I didn’t know existed. I know where this comes from–when I was little I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. I thought there was only one book, but then in my Scholastic flyer from school I boggled as I saw an advertisement for #2. In our local bookstore sometime later I found 3, and eventually all the L. Frank Baum ones through 14. Several years later I was in the Topeka library and the same thrilling shock ran through me as I found the ones by Ruth Plumly Thompson. Each of these moments is incised in my memory. The books themselves were magical, but the unexpected discovery that you could, in fact, go back to Oz (or Narnia, or Green Gables, or or or) was always the real magic. – Tina Connolly, author of “Paperheart”

We are matter that looks at and thinks about the universe and then tells stories. How that all works and why we should make up stories are deep mysteries, but that’s what we do, and while it might not really be magic, it is wonderful. As we change in the coming ages, if we survive, the way we tell those stories might change, too. When we augment those most complicated of things, our brains, new art forms will probably arise. At some deep level, though, I think it will still be narrative, because that’s who we are. We struggle to make sense of things and then we say stuff. Some of the most interesting things we say are collected in objects called “books.” – Ray Vukcevich, author of “The Go-Between”

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Where to Find the Dagan Books Crew at WFC Toronto next weekend

Publisher/editor Carrie Cuinn and editor Don Pizarro will be arriving at the WFC Toronto hotel sometime on Thursday, Nov. 1, weather permitting. Feel free to say hello, invite us for drinks, ask about our upcoming projects, and generally make our acquaintance at any time during the convention. We want to meet you!

There are also some scheduled events featuring a large number of our authors:


2 PM: The Windigo and Others, panel. Includes author Ursula Pflug (Bibliotheca Fantastica). Room: Vaughn East

3 PM: The Wilderness Within, panel. Includes author Nathan Crowder (Cthulhurotica). Room: Vaughn East


1:30 PM: author Cat Rambo (FISH) reads. Room: Aurora

3 PM: Bibliofantasies, panel. Includes authors Michael J. Deluca and Tina Connelly (Bibliotheca Fantastica) and editor Don Pizarro. Room: Vaughn

5 PM: author Gabrielle Harbowy (Cthulhurotica) reads. Room: Aurora


9 am: Cat Rambo is moderating the Fritz Leiber: The Secret World panel. Room: Vaughn

2 to 4 pm – DAGAN BOOKS MEETUP! We’ve arranged a room through the convention (room name TBA). Join us to meet authors and editors, snap one of a limited number of convention-only chapbooks, and – time permitting – hear a reading. See the Facebook event here.

5:30 PM: author Colleen Anderson (Bibliotheca Fantastica) reads. Room: King

We hope to see you there!

Looking for the rest of the programming guide? Get it here as a PDF.