Bibliotheca Fantastica, now in print! (and on sale)

You can now order print copies of Bibliotheca Fantastica via Amazon, for $13.99. This is a 5″x8″ trade paperback, 314 pages.

Best of all, the book is currently on sale for only $13.29! The Kindle version, via Amazon, is $4.99.

You can also buy the book directly from us, in a variety of formats:

Buy the epub file here, mobi–which also works on your Kindle–here, or PDF here, for only $4.99 each–instant downloads! Always DRM-free.

Or you can buy a bundle of Bibliotheca Fantastica in all three digital formats, for only $6.99 (here)

Haven’t read FISH yet? Buy FISH and Bibliotheca Fantastica in a bundle together for $8.98–$1 less than the cost of buying them separately.  Epub or mobi.

If you’re new to Dagan Books, you can also get an ebook bundle of our first three anthologies: FISHIN SITU, and Cthulhurotica. Only $8.98–basically, you’re buying the first two and getting the third for free! Epub or mobi.

FISH – Now in Print!

Science fiction and fantasy. Retold fairy tales and brand new myth. 33 original stories by some of today’s best new writers, exploring a theme which is both simple, and impossible to understand, all at once. This anthology of slippery, flashy, delicate, dangerous, and beautiful tales features work by Camille Alexa, M. Bennardo, Corinne Duyvis, Cate Gardner, Sam Fleming, Andrew S. Fuller, Claude Lalumière, Ken Liu, Cat Rambo, Alex Shvartsman, and many more.

What secrets belong only to a fish? Dive in and find out.

fish cover_FINAL sm

Buy it now via Amazon: 5″x8″ trade paperback, 332 pages, only $14.99 click here

Of course, you can still get the digital book several different ways. The best option is to buy your DRM-free ebooks directly from us: EPUB for NOOK and other readers, $4.99: buy here, MOBI for Kindle and other readers, $4.99: buy here.

Or, via Amazon, KINDLE edition $4.99: click here; NOOK edition via Barnes & Noble, $4.99: click here; Kobo epub, $4.99: click here

Did you see all of our contributor interviews? Find the complete list here.

 “I describe Fish as effortless, dream-like, diverse and exquisite, which certainly holds true as I consider the anthology to be a revelation, because it’s just fish. No restrictions upon genre, no neatly defined prompt to cater to specific tastes. It’s just you and the stories and the fish. Simple and yet so risky. As you read Fish, you step further into a dark and undisturbed ocean where you see reflected light dance across scales and experience ink-black beauty with sharp teeth.” – Haralambi Markov, Alternative Typewriter

Cthulhurotica is now available to order!

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The book is a 334 page, 5″ x 8″ paperback. Books ordered through our website will be sent USPS Priority Mail after the official release date of December 21, 2010. All books purchased through our website will include a Cthulhurotica postcard, (featuring the revised cover art) a coupon for a discount off a future Dagan Books title, and more.

$16.99 US, plus $4.95 shipping*

ISBN-10 0983137307

ISBN-13 9780983137306

*At this time we can only ship to US addresses.

Cthulhurotica: Our First Title

We are pleased to announce that the first publication from Dagan Books with be Cthulhurotica, an anthology of erotic tales inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, originated by H.P. Lovecraft and expanded both by his contemporaries and later writers. The text will contain several short fiction pieces, as well as non-fiction essays which comment upon the included stories, and the evolution of Lovecraft’s universe.

The book will be both printed (a trade paperback, 6″x9″) and offered as an ebook.

For more information, please see the website and submission guidelines at

An interview with Writers News Weekly at

An interview with Innsmouth Free Press at

Due out Dec 15, 2010

Electronic Publishing, and Why We’ll Embrace It

For a company so committed to the printed word, it may seem strange that we plan to publish electronic formats of every single one of our titles as well. After all, eBooks aren’t as permanent as print books, and are more fragile. A digital copy of a text can’t be read on its own, it must be read on an electronic device, which in turn must be charged between uses. Though there are some good e-readers on the market, none yet offer the ability to literally turn the page, a physical act which reminds us that we are reading. Prices are still high enough to discourage some from buying e-readers, and there has been controversy over both prices and ownership rights (please note: both of those articles are about, but the retail giant is by no means the only company with these kinds of issues).

The truth is that eBooks are a growing part of the publishing world. There may not yet be a universal term for them (electronic books, e-pubs, digital books, digitexts, e-books or ebooks are all used) but their appeal is universal. A Barnes&Noble nook, for example, boasts that it can hold 1500 electronic texts. There is no way that 1500 books are going to fit into a beach bag or airplane carry-on. Sure, most humans don’t have the ability to read over a thousand novels during the course of even a Trans-Atlantic flight, but a thin reader is going to take up far less space than the two or three paperbacks that many people do travel with. There’s also the price to consider: the lower price of digital versions of your To-Read pile may make up for the initial cost of a reader. Just as some people have a collectible hardcover of their favorite title as well as a paperback version for repeat reading, even a die-hard bibliophile has to admit the usefulness of an eBook for the same purpose.

There is also the ease in which a very small book publisher can produce a quality eBook, and make it available for sale to a readership that may not be able to access the print version of the same title.

Dagan Books loves books, but more importantly we love that people read books. If eBooks are becoming the dominant way to ensure that books will always have readers, then we will make sure that eBooks are available.