Interview: Sarah Hendrix (FISH)


Name: Sarah Hendrix

Age: Young enough to sill dream, but old enough to keep my feet on the ground

Author of: “Never to Return”

Current Geographic Location: Central Missouri

Twitter: @shadowflame1974


Recent publications: “Rachel’s Journal” in In Situ, by Dagan Books; “The Gammi Experiment” in Spacebattles Anthology #6, from Flying Pen Press.

Which zodiac sign where you born under? Western: Sagittarius Chinese: Wood Tiger

If a magic fish granted you one wish, what would it be? Any wish comes with its own set of issues, and I have enough of my own to deal with. So I guess I’d just wish the magic fish a happy long life.

What inspired your story? I had been struggling with ideas for this story for weeks. Then one morning I was driving to work, and BAM. I knew who the girl was and why she was visiting her grandmother. There wasn’t any one central inspiration, just a jumble of ideas that solidified subconsciously.

Did you listen to music while writing it? Not this time.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? 3.

What is your favorite bit?

I had been begging to visit Grandma and her lab since I could remember. On her erratic visits, she always made time for forays to the museums, libraries, zoo and most importantly the aquarium. There she would tell me about the important work she did in her lab. To say I was fascinated was an understatement. Mom had complained many times that my only Christmas wish was to go see the lab. Now, after my nadroids had finally matured and were able to protect me from radiation and other environmental dangers, I was getting a chance to spend an entire summer.

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Interview: Sarah Hendrix (IN SITU)

Name: Sarah Hendrix is the name I was born with, Shadow is the name most the online world knows.

Age: Hmmm… knowledge of my 4th decade is fast approaching; let’s not talk about age please.

Author of: “Rachel’s Journal”

Current Geographic Location: Mid-Missouri

Original Hometown: Richland

Twitter: @shadowflame1974


Recent publications: This is my 1st print publication.

Do you think alien life exists in the Universe? Of course it does. Why should we be so naive to think our world is the only one? Life exists in many forms, some still unrecognizable to us.  It is out there.

If you could travel off Earth, would you? What if it meant you could never come back? I don’t think so.  There is so much to see here, to experience. One lifetime doesn’t seem enough.

What inspired your story? I did quite a bit of research in what would happen if a planetoid meteoroid passed close to Earth.  I switched to damage done by reversing the magnetic poles and that flowed into weather effects and volcanoes.  In short, I wanted a complete and total natural disaster, I think I found it.

What music or movies helped you to write? I couldn’t write to my usual music, but then someone suggested some very dark music.  If you’ve ever listened to SunnO)) you know what I mean by dark.  It got me thinking of alien worlds and deep space.  The rest is on the page.

How many rewrites did you do before submitting? About 6, I think.  The first three never made it to the end.  Once I hit 4, things got better I knew where the story was going. The first drafts look nothing like what I have now.

What is your favorite bit?

Even though she had seen it three million times that evening, Carles let her eyes slowly sweep the room. Though it seemed huge, nearly a half kilometer across, it was actually only about twenty meters wide. The holographic designer had worked wonders replicating the dome. A projection of two crawlers, huge monolithic machines sat near the entrance, their outer shells pocked with dents and roses of rust. The one nearest her was partially disassembled, parts scattered along with authentic replicas of the tools used.

“I hate that I lost the argument about the bodies.”

Aren smiled sympathetically. “Well, mummified remains littering the floor might not make a very comfortable entrance for some.”

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Official Table of Contents for FISH

Table of Contents, FISH (due out February 8, 2012)

  1. Alexa, Camille “The Skin of Her Skin”
  2. Bennardo, Matthew “The Fish-Wife’s Tale”
  3. Blake, Polenth “Thwarting the Fiends”
  4. Darrach, Shay “I Know a Secret”
  5. Davis, Amanda C. “O How the Wet Folk Sing”
  6. Dixon, Paul A. “One Let Go”
  7. Duyvis, Corinne “The Applause of Others”
  8. Englehardt, Megan “Anansi and the New Thing”
  9. Fleming, Sam “What the Water Gave Her”
  10. Fuller, Andrew “A Salmon Tale, 2072”
  11. Fullerton, H.L. “The Fish Are There On Land”
  12. Gardner, Cate “Too Delicate for Human Form”
  13. George, Zachary “You, Fish”
  14. Hendrix, Sarah “Never to Return”
  15. Kane, Tim “Vanity Mirror”
  16. Kneeland, Andrea “Becoming Human”
  17. Kwak, Jessie “Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”
  18. L’Orange, April “Quick Karma”
  19. Lalumière, Claude “Xandra’s Brine”
  20. Liu, Ken “How Do You Know If a Fish Is Happy?”
  21. McBride, Tracie “The Touch of Taniwha”
  22. McIntyre, T.J. “How Did the Catfish Get a Flat Head, You Wonder?”
  23. Nakayama, Timothy “Fallen Dragon”
  24. Obedoza, Mel “The Fisherman and Golden Fish”
  25. Palmer, Suzanne “Lanternfish In the Overworld”
  26. Povey, Jennifer R. “Water Demons”
  27. Rambo, Cat “The Fisher Queen”
  28. Romasco-Moore, Maria “Fisheye”
  29. Ruby, Jacob “The Talking Fish of Shangri-La”
  30. Shvartsman, Alex “Life at the Lake’s Shore”
  31. Spencer, A. D. “Fish Tears”
  32. Wood, Mjke “The Last Fisherman of Habitat 37”
  33. Zup, Andreea “Maria and the Fish”

Please note the Table of Contents is currently listed alphabetically by author’s last name, and does not reflect the final order of stories.

News From Some Dagan Books Writers

It’s been a good week for some of our writers, and we wanted to share the news!

Kelly Stiles, who wrote “Relevant Information From the Tel Najmah Site” for IN SITU, has taken first place in the Absolute Write 2011 Horror Hounds contest! Amongst the prizes was a publishing contract with Black Label Books for her winning novella. Sarah Hendrix, who (in addition to being an editorial intern and slush reader here at Dagan Books) wrote “Rachel’s Journal” for IN SITU, took second place!

Ken Liu, another IN SITU author, gave us “You’ll Always Have the Burden With You” but more recently had his poem “The Mesozoic Tour Guide” published at Strange Horizons. Read it here!