Neon, A Literary Magazine, Reviews BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA

Says reviewer Christopher Frost:

I was initially sceptical of Bibliotheca Fantastica, the recent anthology of short stories published by Dagan Books. The collection is, to put it simply, a book about books. Each of the twenty stories to be found between its covers involves a book, tome, scripture, scroll or tablet of some kind.

Don Pizarro’s introduction does a good job of touching on some of the reasons why books are such a potentially interesting subject – yet it still left me the tiniest bit unconvinced that it would be anything but a dry and interminable read. Thankfully this was not the case. The stories ranged widely, and included some stunningly original takes on the concept of a book.

In fact each story was so wildly unique and intriguing….

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Author Interview: Trevor Shikaze (Bibliotheca Fantastica)


Name: Trevor Shikaze

Age: However old I feel! Today, a spry 84.

Author of: “The Fox and His Book”

Where are you now? Hurtling through the galaxies.

Recent Publications: Keep watching the skies. Also keep watching Megan Arkenberg’s nifty Mirror Dance e-zine (My story, “Old Rootling“, is now online). In fact, bop on over there right now. You will be FANTASATED.

What’s the last book you finished? But whatever I say here won’t be true because by the time interested parties read this, I will have finished other ones.

The next one you can’t wait to start? I’m gonna go with Moby Dick because I’ve never read it and I’ve always meant to. If this pattern continues, then Moby Dick will always be a true answer for as long as this interview stays up on the Internet, which I assume will be forever. Also the Bible.

Tell us about the place where you wrote your story: I write in a corner.

What is your favorite bit? I cut it out!

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