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Our fearless Editorial Assistant, Gillian Bradford, is now on Twitter as @gillie_b13. Follow her for wit, snark, and vast literary knowledge.

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We have to admit that around the Dagan Books offices, Twitter is our favorite social media. It offers bite-sized news bits, plus that 140 character limit forces us to be creative in order to be witty. What’s not to love? Sure, not everyone can master the shortest of short forms, but we’re writers and editors and artists. We love a challenge.

We’ll keep this list updated, so be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

Carrie Cuinn, Publisher/Editor/Artist @carriecuinn

Don Pizarro, Editor ( Bibliotheca Fantastica) and Author (Cthulhurotica) @donp

Galen Dara, Art Director @galendara

Andrew M. Kelly, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Short Fiction @a_m_kelly

Kelly C. Stiles, Associate Acquisitions Editor, Novellas, and author (IN SITU) @ladykuro

Other Contributors:

K.V. Taylor, co-Editor for FISH and Author (Inedible SinsCthulhurotica, IN SITU) @hawthornetaylor

Oliver Wetter, cover artist for Cthulhurotica and IN SITU @fantasiox

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Transcript from the 4/13/11 #sffwrtcht Twitter chat

The weekly Science Fiction And Fantasy Writer’s Chat took place on April 13, 2011 with Carrie Cuinn, Publisher/Editor of Dagan Books. Carrie logged into her Twitter account @inkedhistorian to talk about writing, editing, current and future Dagan Books projects.

Read the full transcript here:

Thanks to Bryan Thomas Schmidt for posting the chat transcript!