At WFC 2012? Come to the Dagan Books event Sat Nov 3 at 2 pm

The official WFC 2012 Dagan Books event will be held tomorrow (Sat Nov 3) in room 1086, near the con suite. The event starts at 2 pm and runs until 4 pm. Meet authors and editors! Get limited edition chapbooks and possibly score a print copy of Cthulhurotica or IN SITU. Eat snacks!

Where to Find the Dagan Books Crew at WFC Toronto next weekend

Publisher/editor Carrie Cuinn and editor Don Pizarro will be arriving at the WFC Toronto hotel sometime on Thursday, Nov. 1, weather permitting. Feel free to say hello, invite us for drinks, ask about our upcoming projects, and generally make our acquaintance at any time during the convention. We want to meet you!

There are also some scheduled events featuring a large number of our authors:


2 PM: The Windigo and Others, panel. Includes author Ursula Pflug (Bibliotheca Fantastica). Room: Vaughn East

3 PM: The Wilderness Within, panel. Includes author Nathan Crowder (Cthulhurotica). Room: Vaughn East


1:30 PM: author Cat Rambo (FISH) reads. Room: Aurora

3 PM: Bibliofantasies, panel. Includes authors Michael J. Deluca and Tina Connelly (Bibliotheca Fantastica) and editor Don Pizarro. Room: Vaughn

5 PM: author Gabrielle Harbowy (Cthulhurotica) reads. Room: Aurora


9 am: Cat Rambo is moderating the Fritz Leiber: The Secret World panel. Room: Vaughn

2 to 4 pm – DAGAN BOOKS MEETUP! We’ve arranged a room through the convention (room name TBA). Join us to meet authors and editors, snap one of a limited number of convention-only chapbooks, and – time permitting – hear a reading. See the Facebook event here.

5:30 PM: author Colleen Anderson (Bibliotheca Fantastica) reads. Room: King

We hope to see you there!

Looking for the rest of the programming guide? Get it here as a PDF.

Will You Be at WFC Toronto? Meet Us!

Join us from 2 – 4 pm on Saturday, November 3!  Meet Dagan Books authors, editors Carrie Cuinn and Don Pizarro, and snag a limited edition chapbook featuring stories and art from our next two anthologies: FISH and BIBLIOTHECA FANTASTICA!

We’ve been assigned a room but don’t have the room number yet – we’ll keep you updated.

See the Facebook event listing here: