Bibliotheca Fantastica

Stories within stories… twenty new fabulous tales of bibliophilic wonder, enchantment, terror, romance, mystery, and adventure. Edited by Don Pizarro; cover by Hugo award-winning artist Galen Dara.

BF full cover 72

Buy the epub file here, mobi–which also works on your Kindle–here, or PDF here, for only $4.99 each–instant downloads! Always DRM-free. Or you can buy a bundle of Bibliotheca Fantastica in all three digital formats, for only $6.99 (here)

Haven’t read FISH yet? Buy FISH and Bibliotheca Fantastica in a bundle together for $8.98–$1 less than the cost of buying them separately.  Epub or mobi.

If you buy your ebooks exclusively through Amazon, then please go here to purchase a copy of Bibliotheca Fantastica for only $4.99

Bibliotheca Fantastica in print: $13.99. This is a 5″x8″ trade paperback, 314 pages.

Table of Contents

Don Pizarro, “Introduction
Garry Kilworth, “The Secret Atlas”
Andrew S. Fuller, “The Crimson Codex”
David Sklar, “The Philosopher’s Nectar
Megan Arkenberg, “The Gallery of Vespasian Marat
Lydia S. Gray, “The Book of Doors”
Michael J. DeLuca, “Other Palimpsests”
Ray Vukcevich, “The Go-Between”
Yarrow Paisley, “Lynx
J.S. Bangs, “The Typographer’s Folly”
A.C. Wise, “The Book of Her”
Todd T. Castillo, “Where Love is Written”
George S. Walker, “Cathedral Rising”
Ursula Pflug, “The Dreams of Trees”
S.J. Hirons, “Pages Torn From “Eminent Phantasists: A New Edition””
Michael Skeet, “Read Me”
Trevor Shikaze, “The Fox and His Book
Amber Polo, “Egyptian Holiday
Tina Connolly, “Paperheart”
Colleen Anderson, “The Book With No End
Gord Sellar, “The Rite

We are so pleased to be able to show off another beautiful cover, designed and illustrated by our Art Director, Galen Dara. Be sure to click on the cover image to see a larger version!


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