Cthulhurotica, V. 1

Cthulhurotica is the place where sex and madness meet.

The first title from independent publisher Dagan Books, LLC: Cthulhurotica is an exciting new anthology of erotic horror, inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft. Edited by Carrie Cuinn, this decadent collection contains unique creations of Mythos fiction, orignal art, and academic essays. With work by Cody Goodfellow, Kenneth Hite, Steven J. Scearce, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Gabrielle Harbowy, Matthew Marovich, Kirsten Brown, Richard Baron, Don Pizarro, K.V. Taylor, Jennifer Brozek, Galen Dara, Mae Empson, Nathan Crowder, Leon J. West, and many more …

Revised edition contains more than 20 original works of art. Read more at http://cthulhurotica.com.

Buy Cthulhurotica now:

EPUB for nook and other readers, $3.99: click here DRM FREE

MOBI for Kindle and other readers, $3.99: click here DRM FREE

Trade paperback, 5″ x 8″, 340 pages, via Amazon, $13.99: click here ISBN-10: 0983137307

KINDLE edition via Amazon, $3.99: click here ASIN: B004GKMID2

NOOK edition via Barnes & Noble, $3.99: click here

Learn more about our Contributors:

Richard Baron, “The Cry in the Darkness”

Gary Mark Bernstein, “Optional on the Beach at the Festival of Shug Niggurath”

Kirsten Brown, “Le Ciél Ouvert,” and interior art

Jennifer Brozek, Essay: “The Sexual Attraction of the Lovecraftian Universe”

Clint Collins, “The Summoned”

Nathan Crowder, “The Fishwives of Sean Brolly”

Carrie Cuinn, “Introduction”

Galen Dara, interior art

Mae Empson, “Between a Rock and an Elder Goddess”

Constella Espj, “Ipsa Scientia”

Justin Everett, Essay: “Cthulhurotica, Female Empowerment, and the New Weird”

Cody Goodfellow, “Infernal Attractors”

Gabrielle Harbowy, “The Descent of the Wayward Sister”

Kenneth Hite, Essay: “Cthulhu’s Polymorphous Perversity”

Ahimsa Kerp, “Tuning In, Turning On, and Dropping Out at the Mountains of Madness”

Travis King, “The Dreamlands of Mars”

H. P. Lovecraft

Juan Miguel Marin, “Riemannian Dreams”

Matthew Marovich, “Sense”

Maria Mitchell, “Song of the Catherine Clark”

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, “Flash Frame”

Don Pizarro, “The C-Word”

Andrew Scearce, “The Lake at Roopkund”

Steven J. Scearce, “The Assistant from Innsmouth”

Stephen Stanley, interior art

K. V. Taylor, “Transfigured Night”

Leon West, “Amid Disquieting Dreams”

Oliver Wetter, Cover Art

Madison Woods, “Daddy’s Girl”


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