“Inedible Sins” by KV Taylor

Set in Washington, DC, just before the civil war, “Inedible Sins” follows a seminary drop-out named Sebastian Jones as he navigates the intricacies of friendship, sex, love, morality, and the social circle to which he aspires. His curiosity leads to questioning God and sin,  his rebellious nature leads him to push back against the world… and his ingenuity gives him a way to do both:

“So I give you Brother Alfie. Disinterested, detached, and capable of proving absolution in the most practical, useful way.”

Though I had expected it to be something of a hit, I was not prepared to have an argument erupt as to who would go first. A dashing young gentleman leapt onto the platform and demanded that I show him how it was done.

“Consider your sin,” I said.

“Any and all of them?”

“Perhaps keep one in mind, and simply choose the categories into which it falls. For the most effective penance.”

The novella is just over 30,000 words long. Taylor’s been discussing the tale over on her blog, where she has a page set up for it. Read more excerpts from the novel, and her thoughts on the city and her characters.

Buy it now! Only $1.99.

DRM-free ePub: click here or DRM-free .mobi (perfect for Kindle): click here

Also available on Amazon: click here


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